Character made for test Marvelous Design pipeline with handpainted like texture for mobile and VR 3D games where the power process in the most of cases is low. I used as concept base one of the characters of the Criminal Case game.

Marcelo prado unlitrenderb pose

Pose Shot

Unlit Pose Marmoset

Marcelo prado unlitrender t

T Pose Shot

Unlit T Marmoset

Marcelo prado breakdown


Marcelo prado glossspecrender pose

Gloss & Spec Shot

Gloss & Spec Marmoset

Marcelo prado specglossrender t

Gloss & Spec T Shot

Gloss & Spec T Marmoset

Marcelo prado russel z body

Zbrush Model

Marcelo prado russel z face

Close Shot Zbrush Model

Marcelo prado fotob

Close Shot

Unlit Pose Sketchfab